A downloadable game for Windows

[Work in progress]

This is a virtual dragon riding simulator.

You are a master of the guns which rode a dragon.

And You must make the following preparations to play in this.

Install instructions

1. Please check "Allow Image" to achieve a feeling of presence.

2. Please check "Tool Trakcking" to use the gun.

3. Please don't check "Hand Tracking" to avoid the noise.

4. Please prepare a stick for tool tracking.

5. Like gif of the downloading page,

please confirm that you put up a stick perpendicularly

and can track in a diagnosis visualizer.

6. Please set up the mouse which you can click when you take Oculus Rift.

6.1. If you have Wii remote,

please attach a stick to Wii remote perpendicularly.

please start WiiServer.exe after paired of BlueTooth.

Example: https://vine.co/v/OMDh0nU91jM

6.2. I recommend TOUCHMOTE if it fails. http://touchmote.net

and set B button as Z key or Left Click.

7. Is your play environment perfect? Let's install Oculus Runtime 0.4.4 and LEAP Motion 2.2.0!

7.1 Oculus Runtime 0.4.3 can suppress the Health and Safety Warning.

8. If all work mentioned above is over, you will start The_Gunner_Of_Dragoon_DirectToRift.exe!

8.1. Did a game not start? In that case,

you attach /The_Gunner_of_Dragoon_DirectToRift_Data/output_log.txt,

and, please contact circle.hydrangea@gmail.com!

9. A red gun appears to a screen when LEAP track a stick.

Click mouse left or Press Wii remote B button or Keyboard Z key.

A homing missile is emitted and destroys a target.

Because the pursuit performance is low, the missile does not hit a target when you do not shoot it early.

10. This game does not have score.

You are good just to pat the dragon without shooting anything.

When music was over, it is finished automatically.

11. You who read to here are a splendid person.

With the kindness, please share the impression of this game in SNS such as twitter and Facebook or Google+,

and, please send it to my email, twitter and Facebook account!

In Reddit and 4chan, sure!


TheGunnerOfDragoon_Oculus_Windows_LEAP_SDK_Hotfix_applied.zip 105 MB